Conduru — Cacao Barry

Branding & Packaging

Conduru is an exclusive chocolate originating from a small cocoa plantation in Brazil, which has produced 100 one-kg chocolate cylinders to obtain a limited series of 100 packs. The first, and therefore most special, of these was delivered to Pierre Hermé, ranked as the World’s Best Pastry Chef at the 2016 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony in New York.

The concept and design for the packs comes from the main material with which the farmers store the cocoa: wood. Using this concept, we researched different types of wood: natural, stained and/or with varying thicknesses. 

The chromatic composition and irregular combination of the thicknesses of the different types of wood give the packs rhythm and spontaneity while ensuring that they are each unique in order to transmit personality, exclusivity and a reminder of their respect for the environment.


The use of different typographies with uneven kerning reinforces the idea of genuine improvisation. The chocolate cylinder is wrapped in protective metallic paper in gold, a colour which combines perfectly with the different tones of wood on the outside. The pack is closed using magnets.