Her&Him — Pujolasos


Her & Him is a concept of quality perfumery brand designed to show the last innovations by Pujolasos in the fields of perfumery. and cosmetics, exhibited in the Trade Fair Luxe Pack Monaco 2017. Probably, the most important trade fair of the year about luxe packaging.

We designed a brand that is acid, irreverent and young, inspired in the "New Rave", the "Full Moon Party", and the street art, to show new finishings and innovative materials in the sector of perfumery.

We used different materials, techniques and finishings that get fused, but that are also shocking. We want to generate an entropy that becomes an irreverent luxury.

Graduated shadings applied by spray, paint splatters, bright colors strings and translucent plastics that play with the light and contrast with the humility, nobility and purity of the beech wood.

The fluorescent green and pink, in the packs, define the 2 genders to create a collection that plays with the limits of ambiguity between the products destined to men and to women, with the possibility of mixing them in order to create new perfumes.