Kesner — Casa Westfalia

Branding & Packaging

Kesner is the new brand of sliced cheeses coming from different Central European countries.
Casa Westfalia entrusted us with the naming and the design of this new line of packaging, together with the brand identity, catalogues and the website.

The importance of the origin, and of the artisanal methods of manufacture, lead towards a design where, even with the blister format of the product, the cheese tradition is an important value.

Getting inspired by the representative circular shape of the traditional cheese, we transfer the same idea to the format of the packaging.

For the design of the labels,  we make a research and we documented us about the design of the classical products and of the characterisitcs of each one of the origins. The colors, the typographies, the shapes and, in general, the aesthetics, help us to design a label originary of each zone.

The result is a modern and contemporary design, breaker within the sliced cheeses packaging sector and, despite it, loyal to the traditional aesthetics and the Central European cheese history.