Cinc Sentits

Branding & Interiorisme

Cinc Sentits is a gastronomic restaurant located in Barcelona, awarded with a Michelin star. Cinc Sentits offers an interpretation of the Catalan traditional cuisine taken to our days by the chef Jordi Artal. This is a project of design in the widest sense, from corporate identity, to interior design and website. We have also designed the packaging, the menu, the bill and the table objects of the restaurant.

It is a gastronomic proposal based in the quality of the ingredients, most of them ecological and from local producers. An equilibrium between tradition and modernity in a sophisticate and elegant atmosphere.

For the menus and the table objects, we use oak wood, copper and clothes, looking for the coherence between the different supports, the stationery, the table objects and the interior design.

Tradition with contemporary language. The different imagotypes start from the circular shape of the plate, adding other representative shapes from the Catalan culture such as stained glasses, ceramic, baskets...

In all the pieces, we used the copper like the old copper pots on a paper made with cotton and recycled fibbers, with a wrinkle and natural aspect.

The guest takes a little book explaining the philosophy, the suppliers and the origin of the ingredients. We take advantage of the sewn binding, letting the threads long to hold the bill.

The interior design represents the evolution of the chef. From the field to the city, passing through the family-owned town house. We distinguish these three spaces with the colors and textures that explain the different stages, from the most rustic, the field, to the most sophisticated, the city. All together below a modularity that helps to unify the whole premises.

Graphic design: Zoo Studio
Concept and interiorism: Zoo Studio + Destila Arquitectura
Architecture: Destila Arquitectura