Luxe Pack New York Awards — Pujolasos

Trophy design

Luxe Pack New York, one of the main and most prestigious perfumery trade fairs in the world, asked Pujolasos, a referent company in the manufacture of wood caps for perfumery, cosmetics and beverages, the design and production of two trophies to reward the company and the most green and sustainable initiative among all the participants in the 2017 edition.

In line with the kind of award, the theme of the trade fair, and the city of New York, we designed two trophies with noble and 100% sustainable materials.

A skyline, emphasizing the city of New York, composed by different woods from around the world, from the most expensive, to the most "common". They represent the diversity, the expansion, the internationalization... of the trade fair, of their exposers and of the products that can be found there.

These woods have been worked naturally, handcrafted and without any varnish. They are woods recovered from rests of different productions, all duly marked to show their origin.

For the basis of the award, we have contrasted it with another material, pure and at the same time, luxurious and refined, the porcelain. Worked totally handcrafted, we have searched that imperfection point that makes every trophy, a unique one.