Naming vol. 1


Architecture and interior design studio.


Understood in the context of being remarkable, of standing out from the rest, with marked, recognisable qualities. Short, forceful word but with a gentle, agreeable sonority. Even though it is identified as a word with Spanish origins, it is does not sound strange in other languages.

Physiotherapy centre.


The name reminds us of the word ‘activity’ and originates from the Latin actus, meaning movement. It is pronounced phonetically and is pleasant while also being direct, fresh and dynamic, adjectives associated with physiotherapy.

Line of packaging for the brand Alpino.


Naming for handicraft kits presented in a gift pack format, containing everything needed to start an artistic technique, including instructions and a video tutorial.

Physiotherapy centre.


The verb amainar has a dual meaning in Catalan: ‘the lessening of the wind and rain’ and ‘to calm’. Phonetically, it is soft, pleasant and soothing, connoting wellbeing.

Online grocery shopping service.


The result of modernising the traditional colmado (grocery shop) through a play on the word ‘cool’, with its dual connotations of freshness and modernity. The term colmado, which also means ‘crowded’, has been used as a synonym for the supply of diverse products.

Cycling and duathlon equipment shop.

Comes from cicle (another way of saying bicycle in Catalan) and cicló (cyclone), in reference to velocity, as well as creating a rhyme with the description ‘bicicletes i duatló’ (bikes and duathlon).



Energy efficiency and mechatronics company.


The name arises from the union of the two terms.

Standard measurements for the most widely used marketing containers in the world.


The name introduces us to and explains the business. It is fresh and surprising, easy to pronounce and international, as well as possessing rich graphic potential.

Handicraft products complemented by an online community of tutorials, exchanges and creative tips.


Inspiration influences creation and we personalised this concept with two ‘n’s.

Furniture and home accents brand.


The very name describes it. It aims to connote a current, modern name by contracting the words mola + forma (‘it rocks’ + form). Moloform is the brand which designs cool products for the home with original shapes.

Brand selling slightly damaged products.


Acronym formed by the words oferta + toc + stock (bargain + knock + stock), with the latter denoting the agility of immediate service and product availability. The sound is reminiscent of ofertón (a huge bargain). Phonetically, it is not definable as Catalan, Castilian or English.

Mobile application company.


Play + -teria, a common suffix for shops in Spanish and Catalan, unite to form the name of the company specialising in games for mobile devices.

Seating magazine.


Sit is short, clear and has a pleasant sonority as well as having a clear connection to the content. It was chosen as the magazine name for the public seating brand Figueras.


Pack of chocolate moulds in the shape of a snow fractal.


The union of the two words snow + mold clearly describes the contents of the pack and creates a visually and phonetically balanced composite in which the forms of the adjacent ‘w’ and ‘m’ were blended for a highly attractive result.

Desserts with fairy tale names.


The name comes from a Spanish expression with a meaning similar to ‘like something out of a storybook’. The very long recipes presented with an explanatory introduction each have a title which can be interpreted as the title of a story.