Naming vol. 2


Cacao Barry recipes.


Collection of eight recipes created and detailed by different chefs at Cacao Barry and issued in instalments. Highly descriptive name and written in English, but easily understood by people without a mastery of the language.

Architecture studio.


Understood in the context of analysing and filtering all the information to reduce and distil it until the best result is obtained. Short, refined word with gentle, agreeable sound; although in Catalan it would have ‘l·l’, we wrote it as it sounds. Possible graphic connection to a funnel, an icon which could help to give a dual meaning depending on its orientation, achieving a bold point within the seriousness of the word.

Pet supplies shop.


Combines ‘fauna’ with ‘–rama’, from the Ancient Greek meaning ‘view’. Conceptually, it refers to the complete vision of animals and products and is clearly understood in the three languages. Modern and fresh. Pleasant phonetic rhythm marked by the four ‘a’s.

Frozen foods.


Family business of traditional cooked foods. Mos means mossegada or ‘bite’ and is also a word which appears in many Catalan expressions. With this name, we manage to transmit both tradition and food, the company’s two main concepts. In addition, the name can be pronounced correctly in Catalan and Spanish.

Ski instructors.


Name originating from a tribe of Eskimos in Siberia, in this case connecting the ethnicity and geographical situation with snow, mountains and the domain of the environment. The phonetic sound is attractive, with the K in the middle of the word giving a certain youthful air and strength to the name. 

Organic product range for protecting cats and dogs.


Products whose main function is to protect with the added value of being organic. Using these two key words: protecció + ecològic (protection + organic), we created the final acronym. Powerful sonority with consistency.



Brand of coffee tools.


Contraction of the words sibarita + barista (sybarite + barista). A result with connotations of refined quality. The absence of the ‘a’ at the end of barista profiles a more exquisite, select result which is also international and prevents it from seeming to be a more colloquial word. In terms of the phonetics, it hints at being a palindrome, although it is not one, giving it an agreeable sound.

Brand of teabags.


5 o’clock on the dot, teatime. 5 recipes for chocolates with 5 different teas.