World Chocolate Masters

Trophy design

World Chocolate Masters, the most prestigious competition for chocolatiers in the world, commissioned us to design the line of trophies for the 2015 event. For our proposal, we used glass and wood, noble, handcrafted materials. The wood came from the tropics, recalling the origins of cocoa, and was used as the base, while the glass forms the solemn, sophisticated part.

In the glass we created a cavity using half a real cocoa pod, leaving its negative imprint in the mass of molten glass. This concave relief presents a duality as, depending on the angle from which it is observed, the viewer sees either the positive or negative image of the cocoa pod.

The glass body is full of irregularities, with tiny bubbles and changes in opacity, and the external contour is slightly irregular. All these characteristics mean that no two pieces are identical. The organic, natural factor is very important to us, which is why the trophies are handcrafted, reminding us of the origin and harvesting of the raw materials before they are manipulated and processed.

The main face, with the concave relief and logo, is polished to perfection in contrast to the other three sides. This introduces the concept of human intervention, the action of the chef on the virgin product.

The trophies are finished with gold leaf, silver leaf or frosted glass according to the prize category. There is also a line of trophies with clear glass for the subcategories. The logo and text are laser engraved directly onto the wood. The production process extended to two months to create a total of 96 trophies for the national finals and the grand final in Paris in October 2015.