Costenc — Set & Ros


Set & Ros promotes a new project of single vineyard wine from the variety Malvasia from Sitges, a very special autochthonous variety which is in process of recovery. Set & Ros asks us the naming and the design of the bottle.

Costenc is a wine with character, the result of vineyards that have suffered the influence of the sea, the salinity and a sandy soil. A small numbered production of only 3400 bottles.

Since the wines suffer from the influence of the sea, we want to transfer this effect to the design of the bottle. We wanted to represent the erosion caused by the waves and by the sea sand both on the label and on the bottle. We get a nuanced effect on the glass surface and a wear effect on the label paper.

The design of the label is sober and elegant, it only shows the Costenc naming, and a small description that refers to the proximity to the sea. The turquoise wax cap shows us this relationship with the coast.


Laus 2020 — Gold
Pack unit and label

ADCE 2020 - Gold Award