Frame. Hair Club

Branding & Web

Frame Hair Club is a franchise created by professional hairdressers and hairdressing lovers. The salons are spaces of creativity, innovation, trends and sustainability for clients of all the ages and styles.
Frame Hair Club entrusts us with the creation of naming, the design of the corporate identity and the website, as well as the designs of the different communication campaigns that take place throughout the year.

We have designed a solid and neutral logotype for corporate pieces but with enough versatility to be easily modified, transformed or adapted, thus creating a living and flexible corporate identity system that can be adapted to any communication trend or campaign without losing its essence.

One of the key elements of the identity is the use of typography. We combine two font families, one wide and thick, non-serif with the aim of being forceful, striking, young and trendsetter, with a second Roman typeface, modulated with very contrasting and fine shapes that gives us a classic and elegant point.

Red along with black are the corporate colors. These two colors form the corporate pieces. This fact helps us to differentiate the corporate pieces from the communication campaigns, in which the use of color is unlimited.

It is a diverse and qualitative hairdressing concept, sustainable and innovative, avant-garde and professional, and we wanted to transfer this eclecticism to the materials of the applications. From the use of laminated materials with a glossy finish to achieve more vivid colors, to more sustainable materials such as paper bags or toiletry bags made of paper pulp. A controlled chaos that gives Frame Hair Club a unique personality.

We have designed the website in a single page format to explain the brand, its tone and values ​​in an original, entertaining and direct way. We have used various effects that interact with the texts to attract the user's attention.