Panettone — Hofmann


Hofmann Pastry and Bean to Bar of the Museum of Chocolate from Barcelona, come together to create an exclusive panettone with a limited and serial edition of 100 units, at Christmas. Artisan, natural and made with top quality products, Papua New Guinea Bean to Bar chocolate and toasted Bourbon vanilla.

The challenge of the project becomes the union between the robustness and origin of Bean to Bar, and the elegance and rigor of the Hofmann pastry shop, in a unique and exclusive packaging for a high-quality product of only 100 units.

To achieve this symbiosis between two apparently opposite concepts, we designed a condensed bold typeface with very fine connections and terminations that cover, with an imposing black stain, the entire kraft packaging through the word Panettone. Combined with special elements and fonts that add beauty, elegance, luxury and uniqueness.

To finish shaping the packaging, enhance the concept of origin, artisan, natural and austere, through a forceful lettering with a carefree and handmade line from 1 to 100, becoming a unique and limited edition piece.