Gonzalez & Co.

Branding & Packaging

Gonzalez & Co. Mexican Grill, is a chain of Tex-Mex cuisine restaurants. Mexican-inspired, but with tastes and styles adopted from Texan cuisine, in this case with a more westernized character. The restaurant fuses the concepts "fast food" for the speed of the service, and "slow cook" for the slow preparation of all its dishes. These are the values to highlight both in its identity and communication, as well as inside its premises.

When redesigning the logo, we had to keep the iconic cactus and the yellow color of the previous logo. From there, the focus is on the personality and authenticity of the brand. To design a versatile and memorable logo, we customized the typeface with serifs and pointed ends, making reference to the cactus and also to the manual and mechanical typefaces that characterize Mexican markets and shops.

The way the logo is proposed, not only is it possible to have personality and authenticity, but it also allows the generation of different versions, which will vary depending on the support, without losing iconicity.

For communication, we constantly combine Mexican and English copies, words or expressions, with simple illustrations, creating an expressive universe with a lot of personality and with a relaxed and authentic character.

The second part that constitutes the project is the graphic identity applied to the space. Painting on ceramic walls, posters glued on irregular walls and striking messages with visual force, transfer the street and informal concept with a particular expression to the two Gonzalez & Co. restaurants located in Barcelona.

Graphic Design: Zoo Studio
Interior design: Sandra Tarruella interior designers