Kraving Kitchens

Branding & Packaging

Kraving Kitchens is a food-delivery startup, a "ghost kitchen” with independent virtual restaurants specialised in offering on-demand, fast casual food from around the world. All dishes are cooked using methods inspired by the traditions of each cuisine. As a brand, it is strongly committed to sustainability and ecology.

Wherever possible, Kraving Kitchens minimises food waste and residuals by employing slow cooking methods so as to make the most of the ingredients, and by using recycled and biodegradable packaging materials, thereby eliminating plastic. We use green fibre cardboard and PLA bioplastic for all our packaging components.

Kraving Kitchens

We have designed a neutral brand identity for the Kraving Kitchens group, unadorned so as to leave space for sub-brands and comfortably coexist with them.

Kraving Viet is the first sub-brand, offering Vietnamese cuisine. The concept and design are inspired by the chaos and disorder of Vietnam’s streets; a jumble of tastes, scents and colours, merged in a vivid scheme of stickers and stamps of varying sizes.

The illustrations and messages describe the food, the country and its traditions. Stickers and stamps are applied randomly, so each package is unique. The graphic design is compiled by hand, respecting and emphasising the concept of the brand—it is not intrusive.

Kraving Med takes its name from the Mediterranean, the project’s second sub-brand. The visual concept is based on sensations kindled by the geographical context, poeticizing idyllic times, transporting us towards Mediterranean cuisine.

Kraving Viet

Here, we have an organic logotype; delicate forms highlighting the message and colours of Mediterranean inspiration are combined on the different adhesives applied randomly to the packaging.