Pujadó Solano

Branding & Packaging

Pujadó Solano is a family business placed in Santoña (Cantabria), dedicated mainly to the elaboration of fillets of anchovies. Since 1984, they elaborate the fillets in a totally handmade way, and by traditional methods.

Pujadó Solano asked us the redesign of their corporarte identity, as well as all the packaging of the different lines that they offer. The design of the website explains and approaches to the public the whole process, from the fishing to the packaging of their products by using different resources (photography, text and illustration).

The icon of the fish is redesigned, with an harmonic stroke, through the junction of tangent circles, we define a proper and humble illustration that recalls the character and way of being of the company.

Through the brand, we wanted to transmit a generational change but with much weight for the passion for the profession and the traditional elaboration. A brand with experience and trajectory, but who is opening to the world and approaching the current market and the most requiring palates. A brand that was born in a small town in the Cantabrian coast, but that arrives to 16 countries through the export of their products.

The use of the stamping in copper in the brand reinforces the quality of the product, besides giving character to it. This same copper finishing used in the covers and cans turns the brand into the first one in the sector in using this color in the standard formats of anchovies and bonito fillets.

The photography, sincere, humble and transparent, explains a process of elaboration that shows us the most hard and demanding side of the job, but it also transmits the passion and dedication to it.

We also produced the design of the packaging of the gourmet and ecological lines. The use of the bitone image in blue colors in the gourmet line approaches us to a more select customer, and through the material and the finishings of the ecological line, it approaches us to something more natural.

Photography: Joan Pujol-Creus