Melissa Coppel

Branding, Packaging & Web

Melissa Coppel is one of the chocolate chefs with most international recognition in the fields of patisserie and chocolate. In 2016, she opened a school in Las Vegas, and she asked us to create the design of her brand, the packaging, and the web where she will sell her creations.

Inspired by the twilight atmosphere of Las Vegas, where the chef lives and where her project is born, we create a universe of colours and lights that carry us to the show and glamour lived in the streets of the city.

An horizontal dividing line very defined remembers the horizon of the sky and gives us a strong personality in all the line of packaging. The vivid colors, combined with twinkling, are combined with golden metal elements that refer to the luxury and the quality of the product.

The packaging range is formed by different models of rigid boxes and paper-covered canisters. The brilliant stamping contrasts with the matt finishing of all the packs.

The bags of the boutique are colourless on the outer side, only a golden dotted line breaks the uniformity of the white. We reserved the explosion of color for the inner part of the bags.

The logotype, designed after a typography with character, contrasted, and with well-marked serif, is accompanied by a system of stamps that help us to emphasize different aspects of the brand. One of them is the monogram formed after the initials M and C, that remind us the shape of a heart and provide an extra dose of femininity and delicateness. The other stamp is a synthesis of the typical sign of Las Vegas and emphasizes the origin of the place where everything is born.

Fotografía: Ivan Raga