M32. Radical – Natural

Branding & Packaging

M32 is a brand of shampoos and hairdressing products 100% natural, vegan, organic and fresh. In the design of the identity and of the packaging we have opted for a daring brand that escapes from the clichés of a market with a large number of unnatural brands that pretend to be natural. M32 is a brand for customers with ecological sensibilities and who look for added value.

In a market full of fake natural brands, we were clear that for the M32 packaging design, we couldn't use photos or illustrations of plants, as we were competing visually with a bunch of brands that follow the trend of what is "natural".

We have designed typographic labels, which are direct and flashy, and that explain the product, its ingredients, and/or its properties. We use two well-contrasted typefaces to avoid typographic hierarchies, and two colors of the same range, also with a good contrast between them.

The color helps us to differentiate among the products and to communicate the features of the product in a synthetic way, like its main ingredient or its use. We have defined the colors of each product with a tool of "color mixing" based on photographs of the main ingredients.

The kind of paper of the labels is also a relevant element. We have chosen a paper that has a natural touch and that is water resistant. With this natural touch, we manage to reinforce the ecological concept, all without renouncing to a material that is optimum for humid environments.

The biodegradable or recycled containers are still economically inaccessible to small and medium-sized businesses, so we opted for opaque white plastic packaging for two reasons. Opaque packaging maintains the product better, especially if it is a fresh, natural product with a short shelf life. The second reason is recycling, because the white containers are more easily recyclable than the transparent ones. We have unified some of the formats of the labels, so that they can be used in different packages, thus we minimize the ecological impact and the production costs.

For the rest of the corporate elements, like the product catalog, we have opted for a clean, fresh, image-free design, without any unnecessary element. Always based on clear texts that inform the consumer of the use of each product and its benefits, and with a great emphasis on the qualities of its ingredients. Printed on recycled, almost unbleached paper.