Mercat del Ram 2024 — OFIM Ajuntament de Vic

Advertising & Branding

Mercat del Ram is one of the most emblematic fairs in the city of Vic. It is an agricultural and livestock fair aimed at professionals and expresses the rural character of the region and the dynamism of this sector in Osona.

The City Council of Vic has commissioned us to design the 2024 campaign. For the graphics of this campaign, we have been inspired by the Bloc Maragall. This is a calendar that has become a cherished tradition in service to the Catalan language and culture. An object of ours, present in Catalan homes since always, that we wanted to pay tribute to in this edition of the Mercat del Ram.

In some applications such as banners, we have used the numbers of the dates individually, to reinforce the idea of a calendar.

Another challenge has been to do away with "current" elements such as institutional logos, to be more authentic and faithful to how graphic design used to be done in the past, only with typography and ornaments.

The campaign is deployed throughout the city in large and small formats. For each adaptation, we have selected one of the six sayings (some are original and others are of our own creation) and combined them with one of the three spring colours that make up the identity set.

Vigatans, murris o sants.
La primavera el pagès espera.
Ase de Vic, ase de profit.
Pel Ram, no passis fam.
A Osona, vaca frisona.
El Ram de Vic, al primer crit.