Mooi Mooi

Branding & Packaging

Mooi Mooi is an innovative artisanal ice cream shop created by renowned chef Oscar Bosch, located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. This exciting new gastronomic experience offers customized ice creams made on the spot and with a wide variety of flavours.

The project included the creation of a naming that presents a clear inspiration in onomatopoeias. The naming "Mooi Mooi" is based on the repetition of a syllable without meaning but with pleasant phonetics and a childlike touch, resulting in a distinctive and easy-to-remember brand.

We have designed a dynamic and vibrant brand from a graphic system based on psychedelic, hallucinogenic, kaleidoscopic, and dreamlike illustrations.

These illustrations are the visual representation of the sensations and flavours explosions that ice creams create. We wanted to transport consumers to a fantasy world where they can explore a wide range of unique and exciting tastes.

In addition, we have used parts of the illustrations to create individual characters. These fantastic characters are part of the brand's identity and provide greater flexibility in applying the design to a wide range of formats, such as ice cream packaging, company stationery, signage, merchandising…