Bean to Bar — Museu de la Xocolata de Barcelona

Branding & Packaging

The Barcelona Chocolate Museum is a cultural project of the Barcelona Pastry Guild, and together with the Director of its Pastry School, Olivier Fernández, have charged us with the design of the ranges of packaging for the "Bean to Bar" chocolate bars. The commission asks us for an avant-garde design that explains and gives value to the original process of making chocolate, to the origin and to the raw material.

The range of tablets consists of six different chocolates. Each one is made using the "Bean to Bar" concept with cocoa from a single source. "Bean to Bar" is the original and 100% artisanal process of making chocolate.

We want to surprise in the packaging format and for this reason we have searched for a unique design. It is not a wrapping paper or a typical box, we have created an "object-pack" that generates an entire experience. The booklet format allows us to fully explain the entire production process, and allows us to introduce the consumer to the world of the Bean to Bar chocolate.

The booklets are manually sewn with a thread, which we leave long, to be able to hold the booklet to the chocolate bar by rolling a couple of loops. We use the 4 sheets of the book to graphically communicate all what we know about each chocolate: its origin, its characteristics and the manufacturing process.

On the front of the packaging we find the numbering, the main characteristics and also a color, which helps to define its range and to differentiate the chocolates among them.

We have designed the interior of the booklets with a single ink, we want a very simple language with few resources. We have created small illustrations and symbols of naive aesthetics and reminiscent of ethnic and tribal arts.

The chocolate bar is smooth, without partitions, so that the logo is the protagonist. With this simplicity, we want to transmit the non-industrialization of the manufacturing process.

The Barcelona Chocolate Museum also commissioned us to design the packaging for the tasting range. A kraft envelope is the perfect packaging.

For the design of this range we created a graphics that allows us to concentrate the main characteristics of each chocolate on the front of the envelope, also with a single ink.


Laus 2020 — Bronze
Pack line and/or label