Files — Ramon Morató

Editorial design

Ramon Morató is a benchmark in the world of chocolate, he is currently Creative Director at Barry Callebaut where he develops products to promote new chocolates. During the pandemic, he commissioned us to design his second book.

The book is a compilation of experiences and the most relevant work material that Ramon has created over the last 6 years. We have designed the book by grouping all its content into folders. We use kraft paper to wrap each project and it helps us to emphasize the concept of folder. The binding with the exposed spine allows us to see all the folders that make up the book. Continuing with the idea that the book is a collection of documents, we created the naming, “Files”.

The binding is with hard cover, it provides elegance and the necessary rigidity to support the thickness of the book. The white covers contrast with the kraft color of the spine.

The design is clean and easy to read despite the huge amount of information. The layout of the book is bilingual and, to avoid duplication of the text columns, we have worked with two different fonts and grids, one for each language. In this way we generate a rhythm between the two languages ​​that can be related to the images without overloading the pages.


ADCE Award 2022 — Silver
Editorial Design

Laus 2022 — Bronze
Complete book

Editor: Vilbo
Fotografia: Ivan Raga