Receptes per compartir en família — Jubany

Editorial design

Recipes to share with the family, is the self-published book by Nandu Jubany the chef of Can Jubany (Calldetenes), Pur (Barcelona), Diamant (Andorra) and Aigua Aire (Formentera). It contains 80 recipes cooked during the lockdown period that Jubany, along with his family, shared on social media, making him one of the most popular chefs in the country. A homemade family book.

A dry relief steps on the cover, right in the middle, in the shape of a smartphone, the main device that we all used to communicate and also to be able to follow the online publications of Nandu Jubany's recipes.

The design of the book is characterized by a rustic binding sewn with a hard cover and with the spine visible. This technique allows us to open the book completely and make the pages flat for a comfortable search.

A custom bookmark tape is part of the spine seen and manages to have a dual function, the name of the book appears on the spine and at the same time it helps us not to miss the reading point or our favorite recipe.

The lockdown lasted for about 4 months. With the idea of time, we decided that the index of the book would not be a conventional index, but that the recipes would be classified according to the day when they were published. The design of the covers is part of the index, where we can find the recipes that were published on the networks in those days.

The 80 recipes are presented over 400 pages with a structure divided into two parts: first we find a text with the most personal part of Jubany in the form of reflection, and then the ingredients, illustrations and photographs. A clean design, with a single typeface, leaves room for Eudald Jubany’s step-by-step illustrations. The photo grid is free, it adapts to each recipe to give rhythm and to be able to combine large photographs with smaller ones.

Editor: La família Jubany
Photography: Ivan Raga