El sabor de la montaña mágica — L’Escaleta

Editorial design

L'Escaleta is a restaurant with two Michelin stars located in Cocentaina, a small municipality of Alicante (Spain), next to Sierra de Mariola, with a humble and sincere cuisine very linked to the territory. The book tells the story of a family project with generational change, a story born 40 years ago.

The format of the book is developed at 9 levels, coinciding with the story based on 9 key concepts - ingredients - in the history of the restaurant's cuisine; and at the same time with the 9 characters that contain the word "L'Escaleta".

Chef Kiko Moya and sommelier Alberto Redrado are the authors of the text, which combines stories, recipes and pairings. We use two typefaces throughout the book: a serif for the first-person story and a dry-stick for the expository text. We create a format of recipe where each part of the dish is referenced with its process and its ingredients at the same time.

We wanted the design of the book to be close and transparent, following the values of their kitchen and their way of doing it. We have designed a "raw" object-book, which dispenses with hard and sturdy covers and opts for soft white covers.

The absence of covers leaves the rustic binding sewn at sight, the guts of the book. It comes in a semi-rigid box that protects the book, in the form of a folder.

Editor: Abalon Books
Photography: Mariano Herrera